As an avid hiker or even a more recreational hiker you understand how therapeutic and rejuvenating time on the trail is; time with friends and family, putting one foot in front of the other, earning with every step, your panoramas, your photos and, most importantly, your memories. Hiking the Rogue River Trail is all about relaxing and slowing down.  Enjoy four days hiking and three nights in wilderness lodges with soft beds, hot showers and family-style meals. Picture lazily hiking all day before strolling into the lodge, popping off your shoes and grabbing a cold beer or chilly Gatorade and then relaxing in the grass. On the trail, enjoy trekking with only the weight of your camera and water on your back; everything else rides on the raft, freeing you up to focus your energy on taking in the beauty of the canyon and creating memories with your friends.
Originally built in the early 1900s by miners and homesteaders, the Rogue River Trail was the sole way in and out of the canyon for these early explorers. In places, they literally carved the trail into the rock cliffs overlooking the beautiful Rogue River canyon. On your trek you will step in the same places they stepped and, due to the federal protection of the canyon, you will see the same scenery they saw 100 years ago virtually unchanged.
What makes an Orange Torpedo trip unique is it allows everyone to enjoy the river canyon. With the raft carrying all of your gear and the ability to hop on the raft for an afternoon if your feet need a break, the trail opens up to almost anyone. See the canyon in style, only work as hard as you want, and have the vacation of a lifetime hiking (or sometimes rafting) on the Rogue River Trail in southern Oregon. Sign up today; trips fill up fast.


  • Scenic Trail built into cliffs offering incredible vistas.
  • Rafts carry all the gear.
  • Numerous snack stops throughout the day.
  • Ride the raft if are tired or just want a different adventure.
  • Have a non-hiker in the group, they can raft the whole way!
  • Soft beds and hot showers and each of the three riverside lodges.


Merlin, Oregon